„Burn – and choose happiness“

Dieses Mal ist der Beitrag zu dem Bild auf Englisch. Auch wenn ich nicht weiß warum – ich empfand es als „stimmiger“.

Happiness isn’t about „resetting our mind“ from „everything’s suck“ to „oh damn, just think positive“. Positiv thinking is a result of being happy. But for achieving happiness you’ve got to create your „own route“ to it. „Route“ means: what inspires your happiness? What inspires you to be happy ? Happiness needs to be inspired by what you love, what makes you feel great and comfortable. Ask yourself what makes you happy, what makes you feel powerful, what enlighten you and what liberates you from your cords —— If you’ve found it, grab it, take it and make it to your daily’s Routine – maybe it’s a coffee in the early morning: it seems like the whole world is sleeping until the sun rises up an kiss them awake. Maybe it’s spending time with your family, lover, friends. Maybe it’s making some music, creating art or inspiring others. Maybe it’s all of that. Take time, take your time, take your time to lighten up yourself. And do it. Every. Single. Day. Happiness is a route. So create it and take it. Take your Route to happiness.


Interesse geweckt ? – das Bild steht zum Verkauf & ich freue mich auf Deine Anfrage!